A small and mighty team that packs a big punch.


Shantrelle P. Lewis. Founder + Author + Curator. I’m currently obsessed with all things Apartment Therapy and Aphrochic. When I’m on, I’m traveling abroad. Down time, reading something interesting and watching British television. The biggity Blackest person you’ll ever meet. I speak NOLA.


Asia Roscoe. Intern Extraordinaire. Current Bison. Make Up Artist. Detroit Hustler.


Hadiya Williams. Designer.  Proprietor at Black Pepper Paperie. 100 days of black and white. Black memorabilia junkie.


Hakim Pitts. Brand Strategist and Team Coach. Gets Shantrelle together. I stay lit. Representing the Millennials and the Children. Loud and Proud. And not here for your respectability.