Mama we made it! The New York Times Feature

Mama we made it! The New York Times Feature

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I think at some point in everyone’s career, they wrestle with the notion of validation. It’s great when your work is recognized by family, friends and peers. But recognition in the world’s most influential newspaper is something altogether different. A few days after my 38th birthday, I checked off another box on my “To Accomplish” list. Dandy Lion had been featured in the New York Times. I found out via text. I woke up checked my phone and found a link and lots of exclamation points from Adrian Octavius Walker, the homie (and curator at Vsco). I can’t remember the first thing I did. Bae was out of the house at the moment, so I texted the link to the best friend, who has already been featured in the NYT amongst other publications (cop that May issue of O and you’ll see her ebony face and pearly tooth smile). The next thing I did was text the millennial lil play sis because, she’s basically the hypest hype woman there is. Kind of like zero to a thousand real quick status. It wasn’t just a feature but it was a really well written, very thoughtful piece. So thank you Maurice Bergen for your graciousness. It’s nice to be seen out here.

Check out the full NYT article here


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