Call for Vintage Photographs of Black Dandies

Call for Vintage Photographs of Black Dandies

The Dandy Lion Project is on the look out for historic images to feature as an online element accompanying The Dandy Lion Project Exhibition during Brighton Photo Biennial.

Call for Vintage Photographs of Black Dandies

“I’m the greatest, I’m a bad man, and I’m pretty!”  ― Muhammad Ali

The Dandy Lion Project is on the look out for historic images to feature as an online element accompanying The Dandy Lion Project Exhibition during Brighton Photo Biennial. Some of the submissions may also be included in the forthcoming book to be published by Aperture in Spring 2017.

In observance of a long history of dapper dressing in African Diasporan communities from Alabama to Harlem, Chicago to Brixton, Havana to Port-au-Prince, Kingston, Johannesburg, Lagos and Bamako, The Dandy Lion Project is pleased to extend its call for vintage photographs of the many men and boys whose swagger exuded timelessness.

We’re looking for historic images of men of African descent from every corner of the world dating between 1900 – 1970. We welcome submissions from the U.S., UK , the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and last but not least, the African continent.

These images should feature men and boys in your families and communities, whose self-styling expressed their manhood and dignity, regardless of the socio-political environment in which they lived.

Particularly we would like photos that express a sharp fashion sensibility that was classic in nature (with elements of a Black aesthetic), even if back then it was deemed “casual wear.”

We look forward to honoring the brilliance of Black dandies who were larger-than-life and celebrities in their own right because we know that style and grace are a state of mind.

– Shantrelle P. Lewis

 Founder & Curator, The Dandy Lion Project

About the Project:

dan·dy \ˈdan-dē\

n. pl. dan·dies

1. A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop.

2. Something very good or agreeable



Deadline: 16 September 2016

Submissions should be emailed to

NOTE:  Write your name and VINTAGE DANDY LION in the SUBJECT LINE of the email.

1. Please submit a hi-res scan of the image. The scan should at be at least 300dpi. Please do not send a photocopied image or a scan of a photocopied image. Only scans of original photographs will be considered.

2. Details about the Dandy Lion: Please include the following information:

Name(s) of any pictured in the photograph

Location of the photo

Approximate date (Year is sufficient)

Name of photographer (if available, even if it was a family member)

3. Name of the individual who owns the photograph (for appropriate credit).

4. Please include personal information about the photograph’s subject(s): personal interests, birthplace, occupation, pastimes, personality, etc…

5. Submissions from institutions and organizations will also be accepted with appropriate signed releases for use.

NOTE: Well-dressed does not equal “dandy.” If you are uncertain about the aesthetic of dandyism, please research dandy and/or Black Dandy.

All selected images will be considered for inclusion in the forthcoming Dandy Lion book project, pending the receipt of signed agreements for permission of use which will be forwarded once final decisions are made regarding submissions.

Forward submissions and questionsto:

Featured Image: Jody Ake, Untitled, 2005

An All African-American Diasporic NOLA Haberdasheress.

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